Welcome to ReadOut!

ReadOut! is your personal reading assistant. ReadOut! supports you when you don’t have the time to read yourself or you are not able to speak due to an illness.

ReadOut! will be your support in many different situations in life:

➡️  No time to read written texts while driving, cleaning or having a walk? Let interesting websites or articles be read and listen to the content.

➡️  Currently or long-term not able to speak? If you just had a throat surgery or are suffering from a laryngitis, speaking is not possible. ReadOut! will reliably help you with the communication with people around you. Save often used texts and synchronize them all on your Android devices (Premium function).

➡️  You are having reading difficulties? Do not endanger your own development! ReadOut! reads the desired content for you.

➡️  Just no time to read something to the children? Whether it’s a bedtime story just for the go, ReadOut! reads a story to your child if you don’t have time for that at the moment.

➡️  Receiving cultural information while sightseeing? No Problem, ReadOut! reads all wikipedia information to your location aloud.

➡️  A text in a different language? ReadOut! is multilingual! Check the pronunciation of single words in a foreign language or listen to full texts.

How it works?

What texts can you open in ReadOut!?

➡️  Texts can be shared from any apps to "ReadOut!". Every app that supports sharing of text is automatically compatible with "ReadOut!".
➡️  Apps that don’t directly support the sharing of texts but offer the option to copy them, are compatible as well with "ReadOut!" (e.g. Facebook and WhatsApp).
➡️  Of course you can also enter your text directly in the app and have the text read aloud.
➡️  Found an interesting website (URL)? Just share it with "ReadOut!". The app extracts the contents of the page and reads it for you. Supported apps are Google Chrome browser, Medium, Feedly, many Twitter apps and every single app that supports the sharing of an URL.
➡️  You prefer typing a text yourself? No problem! Just type your text directly in the app and let the app read it out.

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